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We received a wonderful, personalized note!

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We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful garage remodel. It looks fantastic!

Once again you have made our home look fresh and updated. It is always a pleasure having you here.

🙂 Marcia and Merra”

Merra and Marcia Grassa

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January 31, 2020

“We met Dave and Kristi Soper the spring of 2018. A friend had recommended that we contact them to discuss a home remodel. After our first meeting, we knew immediately that Soper Services was who we wanted to work with. Both Dave and Kristi are extremely knowledgeable about design and construction. They work closely with their clients, providing input and options but the final decision rests with the client.

Dave and Kristi, along with their qualified workers and sub-contractors completed a major home remodel for us in 2018. Our home, built in the late 50’s, now looks fresh and updated.

In the summer of 2019 Soper Services returned to replace our old deck. It looks fantastic! It makes our home look complete.

Most recently (January 2020) they have completed a garage remodel. It too has a clean and fresh look. Dave worked hard to select adequate storage and create a work space.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the work the Soper Services team has done for us. They are friendly, honest, and trustworthy. They work together as a team and take pride in their craftsmanship and quality work.

We highly recommend Soper Services and know that you too will be happy with their services.”

Grassa Testimonial Hand Written Thank You

We received a wonderful, personalized note!

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“Dave and Kristi,

We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyus new Year. For the past year we have been enjoying our new home rennovations and couldn’t be happier. Recently we entertained guests that hadn’t seen the house for some time and they were very impressed. Everybody loves the deck. 🙂

Last week we had a power outage for nearly 8 hours. We certainly loved our gas fireplace. It provided both heat and light.

Stay well and take care!

Merra and Marcia”

Henry and Michelle Witkop

“Although we have known Dave and Kristi for years, they did not do any construction work for us until 2015. We started with a small job of repairing our kitchen ceiling, then extending into a semi-kitchen remodel. The August storm of 2015 took down our garage so Dave moved right into rebuilding our garage. It was then we truly realized how gifted both of them were at their craft. We were and are so pleased with our garage. People often stop to tell us how great it looks.

Next came a big bedroom remodel with major insights from Kristi. She gets into your head and truly understands what it is you “like” versus “need”. Her thoughts and suggestions were excellent. Dave is similar, they both have excellent taste and lead you in the “right” direction with gentle coaching:)

Our last project was a major remodel of the living room, bathroom, floors, and some structural work of our mid-century home. Again, we couldn’t be happier!! Some friends stopped by and thought the finished product looked very “chic”. That is Kristi at work.

We have more projects for them. The more they do, the more we find for them to do. I think you can say we are partners in this adventure they call remodeling!!”

Alysia Boynton-Fisher

“My husband and I first met David Soper in 2006 when he was referred to us by a friend. We were looking into finishing our basement and didn’t know the first thing about hiring a contractor. I knew after our first meeting that he was the guy for the job. I was impressed with how easily I was able to convey my vision for our project and how David was able to make the design come together and even improve it in many ways I would have never thought of. Our basement turned out beautifully.

When it was time to redo our deck, I knew who to call. Again, working with David Soper was a joy. He is knowledgeable, creative, resourceful, and accessible. He had so many great design ideas and educated me about the newest and best materials that would give us the most bang for buck, be the most durable, and meet our needs. Our new deck is amazing.

In 2011, we decided to put on an addition and enlarge our kitchen. We also decided to remodel our Master bathroom and and our guest bathroom. Calling David Soper was a no-brainer. The job was a big one and there was nobody else I would even consider using to manage the project. I couldn’t be happier with our home improvements and I would recommend him to anybody that has project big or small and I guarantee you will be satisfied with the work and the experience.”


“I wanted to thank you, you did a very conciseness job and my wife is happy, I’m happy, everybody is happy! So I wanted to pass that word on to you and tell you thank you. Thank you very much! Appreciate the effort you put in for us and everything is good!”

A more than satisfied customer in Holiday Hills.

“David repaired and filled in holes on my house made by Wood Peckers. He did a great job, was at my home when he said he would be, and communicated exactly what he was going to do, along with the estimate of the cost of repairs. I am so pleased with his service that we are now creating a list of projects he will tackle for me in the coming year. What I am most impressed with is he will draw up plans along with estimates for the projects and he will chip away at them as money becomes available. There is no pressure or timeline and he is more than willing to work with my budget. I have enough to keep him busy for a year!” 

Dianne Wakefield

“Thank you for the excellent job of remodeling my bathroom. This truly turned out better than my expectations! I look forward to working with you again on a future project.”