Annual Maintenance Inspections

Annual Maintenance Inspection(s):



  • Clean and check gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect plant growth around foundation.
  • Inspect foundation for cracks, crumbling mortar, or pest infestation.
  • Examine basement for water/moisture damage.
  • Clear debris from doorways, window wells, and storm drains.
  • Annually power wash deck, driveway and walks; inspect for cracks, breaks, or erosion.
  • Check fences and gates for ease of operation, condition of structure, and materials.
  • Annually power wash building exterior:
  • Check bricks for cracked mortar or loose joints.
  • Check siding for loose or missing pieces, lifting, warping, or signs of mildew.
  • Check painted surfaces for signs of paint failure (peeling, chipping, blistering, chalking), water damage and mildew.
  • Examine all trim for damage, or decay.


  • Check condition of caulking.
  • Check windows for cracked or broken glass, loose putty, holes in screens, and moisture.
  • Check operation of windows, doors, and locks.
  • Check weather-stripping on windows and doors for damage and air infiltration.
  • Inspect garage doors for loose bolts at rollers.
  • Check automatic garage door openers for safety reverse operation.


  • Inspect for tree branches that scrape or hang over the roof.
  • Check for curled, damaged, loose or missing shingles.
  • Examine all flashing on roof and penetrations (chimney, vent stacks, skylights).
  • Check chimney, vents and louvers for free air movement and remove birds nests and debris.
  • Check attic for adequate insulation and signs of roof leaks, mold, or pest infestation.


  • Check all ceilings and walls for cracks, loose or failing plaster, signs of leaks or stains, dirt and finish damage.
  • Check for odor or evidence of mold/mildew.
  • Check caulking and grout around bathtubs, sinks, and showers.


  • Inspect, trip, and reset all circuit breakers and GFCI outlets.
  • Annually inspect and clean clothes dryer vent to exterior.


  • Replace system filters every three months.
  • Inspect duct work every other year.
  • Clean bathroom exhaust fan grills/blades.


  • Check shut-off valves and hose connections at sinks, toilets, laundry equipment, and main water line.
  • Inspect toilets for stability and leaks.
  • Check exposed gas lines for leaks.
  • Inspect and tighten garbage disposals.
  • Check and fill basement floor drains.
  • Check water heater for temperature, flame, soot stains, leakage or rust.
  • Inspect sump pump operation and drainage to exterior every three months.


  • Test smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries.
  • Check the fire extinguisher gauge for proper pressure.
  • Make certain outside security lighting is in good repair.
  • Test security system.

After inspection is completed, customer will be supplied with full report with estimates and level of urgency for found issues.