About Us

Traverse City natives David and Kristi Soper have founded Soper Services to meet the demands of today’s busy home and business owner.

David grew up in the construction business; that experience led to the formation Soper Services. With a vast experience in both residential and commercial construction, David provides knowledgeable and trustworthy home maintenance solutions, design solutions and other general construction services. From new builds to renovations and everything in between, David has faced many challenges over the years. These challenges have developed a strong skill for problem solving and developing solutions for each situation.

David and Kristi have been married for 14 years, in that time Kristi has been called in to help out many times on various construction projects. Kristi has been providing award winning customer service in the automotive industry for over 15 years as her primary profession. Kristi grew up with hard working parents’, her Dad built several houses while growing up. She learned about construction at an early age while helping her parents with “sweat equity”. She was put to work cleaning rooms at her grandparents motel at an even earlier age. Kristi also studied architecture during middle and high school. She has excelled in customer service, but has always had a desire to do more.

David and Kristi have pooled their knowledge and drive to form Soper Services LLC. With many years in the home maintenance and construction business, our expertise is available to assist you in whatever your home repair needs might be. David and Kristi are focused on providing you with the highest quality customer service and satisfaction for all of your home maintenance and management projects. David and Kristi enjoy their Northern Michigan hobbies and their dogs when they are not working!